Sintercore’s Universal Throw Lever – The R3

    Sintercore, not content to set new usability standards for the AR-15 charging handle, has turned its attention to optics. While various “throw levers” have been and are offered, they are generally not a) universal or b) inexpensive. Those that portend to be universal typically have a universal price tag.

    Using modern materials and manufacturing methods, Sintercore has designed, manufactured, and is now offering their “R3″ Universal Throw Lever for variable power optics. In short, the R3 adds a lever to a zip tie allowing the user to cinch down their throw lever at a moments notice.

    The R3 is low-profile, adding just .5” to the optics radius at the mounted point. Using the nylon, UV-treated, 120-lbs tensile strength Cobra mounting ties, the throw lever is quickly donned to the chosen optic, though to doff a pair or sharps are required. Fortunately, Sintercore includes a second Cobra tie for those moving the lever to a second optic.

    The lever itself is a carbon fiber composite manufactured through 3D printer – laser sintering to be more specific – which ties with the company name – Sintercore.

    For those looking for a throw-lever solution, the Sintercore R3 Universal Scope Throw Lever is offered directly from Sintercore for $14.98 introductory price. MSRP is set at $24.98.

    Nathan S

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