Sintercore’s Improvement to “Perfection” & Other Polymer Handguns: The Deadfall

    When the VP9 was originally released to the market, I distinctly remember the dominant part of the conversation (aside from its an HK, therefore it must be good and pricey) being the inclusion of the extra slide-racking wings on the rear of the slide. Certainly unusual looking, the choice was polarizing for the new pistol which after reviews and handguns started matriculating to the market and the choice went from weird to generally well-liked.

    Seeing similar room for improvement for many other polymer, striker-fired handguns, is Sintercore. The Deadfall is a similar system that takes advantage of the polymer rear slide covers to add those wings to the handgun. While not a full extension system suitable for belt or pocket-racking, the Deadfall is ideal for those wanting to eek out some additional usability from their existing handgun without the use of adhesives or re-milling the slide.

    The Deadfall is being introduced for the common 9mm, .40, and .357 Sig Glock models with planned expansion to the Glock 43, .45/10mm Glocks, Smith & Wesson M&Ps, Springfield Armory XDs, XDMs, and XDS handguns. Sintercore estimates June shipment to the other platforms.

    Pricing is set at $19.98 for the Glock 9mm and all other platforms. Customers wanting custom plates can opt for uploading their own files.

    Those curious for more details can check out Sintercore’s website here.

    Details (from Sintercore):

    • This product is designed to provide extra traction, similar to grip tape, with a better look and without the downsides inherent with adhesives or super-wide slide rackers; this product is not designed for racking the slide off your belt or pocket, as nearly all factory rear sights provide that functionality
    • Compatibility (introductory model): All generations of Glock® pistols in 9mm / .40 / .357 (except G43)
    • A discounted pre-order offer is available for Glock® 43, Glock® .45 / 10mm, S&W M&P® and Shield™, Springfield Armory® XD/XDM® and XDS® with estimated shipping JUNE 2017, and we will send timely updates regarding production
    • Weight: 2 grams, or approximately the same as a standard slide plate due to the carbon fiber construction
    • Width: Varies with pistol model, but approximately 5/64″ added to each side of the slide
    • Holster compatibility: This product should not affect holster compatibility and works perfectly with Safariland® SLS and Blackhawk!® Epoch™ holsters that incorporate hoods, though we recommend you evaluate the potential for holster fitment issues before ordering
    • Drop tested, 1,000+ shot durability tested, and ready for hard duty in any climate
    • All edges are rounded and design is completely snag free
    • Made entirely of carbon fiber composite through selective laser sintering
    • Please contact us via email regarding discounts for larger orders
    • This product replaces your slide cover plate and is non-permament when added, and installation / removal takes about one minute and can be done with a pen or similar pointed object
    • Lifetime, no questions asked warranty included
    Nathan S

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