Holosun’s New Titanium Red Dots | NRA 17

    Holosun’s new HS530G is made of titanium. The coating on these titanium sights is called sputtering. A sputter coat is very thin compared to traditional coatings on aluminum like anodizing. A sputter coat thickness is in nanometers where as anodizing is measured in mils.

    These new sights will come in two different flavors. Battery powered or Holosun’s solar/battery power. HS530C is the solar powered unit and the HS530G is the battery only unit.

    The subltle swelling of the front bell reminds me of a Trijicon MRO.

    These new red dots will now have three reticle options you can select from. Circle only, dot only. circle dot Eotech style.


    The new HS530 red dots are still aimpoint T1 mount compatible.

    The HS530G and HS530C will retail for $500. That is a little bit steep considering you can buy a Trjicon MRO for almost $100 less. While I like the Holosun optic I have, I just do not see it being equal in price to my Trijicon MRO. Even though this new optic is made out of titanium, I do not see much benefit other than a cool feature to upcharge for the optic. What is wrong with making it out of Aluminum and keeping the price point down. That is what attracts shooters to Holosun. Their price point allows them to buy two optics for the price of the big names like Aimpoint and Trijicon.

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