Hill & Mac Gunworks’ Cetme In .300blk | NRA 17

    As I was walking down the aisles of the NRA Annual Meeting, I spotted Hill & Mac Gun Works. I had meet them before at Big 3 East when they unveiled their Semi Auto STG44 replica. They had mentioned that they also make semi-auto versions of the Cetme-L.

    On the wall of their booth was this green Cetme that stood out and I stopped to check it out. If you look at the photo above, it has a full length Picatinny rail.

    When I asked about this Cetme, the rep immediately told me it is in .300blk. You can see the markings below.

    It shoots amazingly and suppressed with subsonics is even better, so they tell me. Unfortunately this gun is the only of one its kind. They built it for fun but are not looking into making more. That is unfortunate, I would love to shoot one. Even their regular semi-auto Cetme-L are rather scarce. They only made a batch of 100 rifles and now they are out of stock. No word on if they will even make more 5.56 Cetmes. I hope they get more parts to make them in .300blk.

    Nicholas C

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