Accura Outdoors Folding AR500 Steel Target | NRA 17

    Accura Outdoors makes plated bullets but it was their folding USPSA style cardboard target that caught my attention. Their design does not require staples. So far they have not experienced one blowing off the stand due to wind.

    These are not competition sanctioned due to the gaps in the targets from the folded holder. In USPSA those are in the D zone and are scoreable. Sure you could probably see the bullet hole in the wood uprights showing thru the target, but doubtful these will ever be allowed in a match like USPSA.

    These targets are good for training though. They allow you to quickly put up a target and not have to be concerned with having a staple gun.

    These targets will come with the back side in white just like a USPSA target.


    Accura Outdoor also makes a folding AR500 steel target system. You can see the target at the very top photo of this article. Below is what the system looks folded up. When folded, you pick it up by that carry handle. It is very compact and saves a lot of space. You just need to bring two furring strips and the actual AR500 target.


    The target is hung and swings when struck. I would actually flip the hanger the other way around so that less of the hanger is exposed. These are cut with plasma and the high heat anneals the edges makeing them softer. So strikes on the edge of the hanger is something I would want to try and minimize. The target system sells for $240 but they are selling it for $200 shipped here at the NRA show.


    Accura also has a .22lr rimfire target system called the .22 Challenger. It doubles as a dueling tree and as a polish plate rack.

    To change from one to the other is a simple matter of lifting the upright bar and plugging it into one of two positions in the base. The back position is for the polish plate rack and the middle position is for when using it as Dueling tree. When using it as a polish plate rack, you hang weights at the end so that it spins and drops the weights once you shoot a plate off. The .22 Challenger costs $439 but is on sale for $398 shipped at the show.

    These targets are not on their website just yet but they are on their Facebook page. If you are interested, I am sure you can call them and ask about them.

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