REWARD FOR RETURN: Reeder’s Notebook | NRA 17

    We are pushing out a quick post in support of our friends at Breach Bang Clear and Soldier Systems. This notebook went missing at the NRA Annual Meetings today and it obviously has sentimental value to its well respected owner, Dave Reeder.

    Several rewards have been offered for its safe return. Do the right thing.

    Reward For The Return Of This Notebook

    This notebook belongs to my close friend Dave Reeder. It came up missing earlier today at NRAAM and it holds sentimental value for him. Consequently, he would like to get it back.

    I would appreciate any information leading to its return and am offering a reward. If you have it, or can help him get it back, please post in the comments section below.

    If you have any information on the whereabouts of this notebook, please email myself or anyone here at TFB or Soldier Systems so that it can find its way back to Dave. Thank you.



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