Pantheon Arms Mini Buffer | NRA 17

    Pantheon Arms are the ones who make the infamous Dolos take down system for the AR-15. At the NRA Annual Meeting he has a new mini buffer system and tube for compact ARs.

    The mini buffer will retail for only $55 and has a proprietary buffer system. The buffer tube is only 3.5″ in length and the buffer spring is only 1/2 and inch longer at rest with zero tension. Unfortunately they would not allow me to take a photo of the buffer system but it can do my best to explain it.

    The buffer is almost inverted and smaller. So rather than the buffer inserting into a regular spring, the buffer protrudes into the back of a milspec BCG. There is a free floating spring guide rod that can tilt to accommodate carrier tilt. The magic is in a special double helical spring that rests between the buffer and BCG.

    It looks somewhat like this.


    Pantheon has two versions at the moment of the mini buffer tube. The first one is in the photo at the top of the page. The buffer tube has an integrated castle nut shape while the other one is a smooth buffer with a coin slot on the back face.

    Here is a profile view of the smooth mini buffer tube on a Viking Armament lower. Notice the angled mag well? It aids in inserting the magazine faster.


    As I mentioned earlier, Pantheon Arms makes the Dolos kit.

    Below is the owner’s personal set up in .458 Socom and .375 Socom. I really like the subtle cerakote paint job on the handguards. At first it looks like random camouflage but upon closer inspection you can see the numbers 458 and 375 on their respective barrel assembly hanguards. Even the matching lower has the word “SOCOM” painted on the side.

    Pantheon now has MLOK and Keymod handguards for the Dolos system.

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