Beretta 92 .22LR Suppressor Ready Conversion Kits | NRA 17

    At the NRA Annual Meeting, Beretta is showing off its latest APX handgun, but just to the side is a corner of Beretta 92s that look like a lot of fun.

    Beretta has a line of .22LR conversion kits for your Beretta 92.  They also have accessories you can add to your conversion kit such as tall suppressor sights and a threaded barrel.


    Or you can buy the gun already setup for suppressors and it comes with mock suppressor.

    The sights cost $69 and the threaded barrel is $129. That is $198 for the upgrade. Add the mock suppressor for an additional $37 you are already in at $235.  You haven’t even started with the Conversion kit at $335.

    The new 92FSR Suppresor Ready Kit is an entire gun with all the bells and whistles. Plus it has an MSRP of only $495

    According to Beretta, you also get an extra 10 or 15 round magazine with the gun depending which SKU you purchase.

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