Glock Summer Special | NRA 17

    Glock unveiled two new Glocks here at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Ga. Sadly it is not the 17M but the 17FS and 19FS.

    The FS models have front slide serrations, steel sights, and extended slide release.

    I like the front slide serrations. I just wish this was a complete package and have the MOS slide cut as well.

    Along with these two new offerings, Glock have brought back a couple guns.

    Our Summer Specials also include a return of the G17L and the G24, as well as the introduction of Gen4 editions of the G17C and G19C.  We are also producing the G17 Gen4, G19 Gen4, G42, and G43 with factory-installed night sights.  In addition to these pistols, we are producing a series of pistols with Olive Drab frames: the G43; G26 in Gen3 and Gen4 models; and the G17, G19, and G34 in Gen3, Gen4, and Gen4 MOS configurations.


    The OD Green Glocks are CA compliant. According to the Glock employee I spoke with, California even has regulations on what color the gun can be. Any California firearm owners here that can shed light on this?

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