Federal Premium Introduces NEW 209 Primer to Ignite your Muzzleloading Exploits


    When it comes to muzzleloading, it seems like Mother Nature is always uncooperative. Regardless of the game you may be pursuing the elements are working against your success with these primitive tools.

    Over the years muzzleloader primer technology has progressed from flint-lock and loose powder ignition to more reliable 209 shotgun primers. Improvement is always a great thing. Federal Premium looks to improve on this system even more with their task-specific “209 Muzzleloading Primer.”

    Federal Premium produced these primers to work in harmony with their B.O.R. Lock MZ System bullets. They expanded on the better qualities of this newer primer:

    The primer formulation provides superior resistance to moisture and hot, reliable ignition of both granulated powder and pellets in any conditions—without causing the excessive fouling in the breech area typical of standard shotshell primers.

    A common problem in muzzleloading is fouling from powder and the primer. Hopefully these 209 Muzzleloading Primers will be as clean as they are advertised because that would be a blessing for muzzleloaders. A simple spec listing put out by Federal Premium can be seen below:

    • Hot, Reliable Ignition in any Conditions
    • Formulation Strongly Resists Moisture
    • Minimizes “Crud Ring” Fouling in the Breech Area
    • Perfect for Use w/ B.O.R. Lock MZ System bullets
    • 100-Count pack

    These primers MSRP for $8.95 per 100-Count pack which puts them in the same ballpark as other 209 primers on the market.

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