New Viking Tactics TRUSS AR-15 Trigger

    This new AR-15 trigger introduced by Viking Tactics is actually a collaboration of VTac with TriggerTech and Christensen Arms. Logos of all three companies are engraved on the trigger housing. The new trigger is called Truss because its appearance resembles one. As you can see it has a distinctive large and skeletonized flat trigger shoe.

    When specifying the weight of the trigger pull, Viking Tactics says that it is 3.5 lbs at the middle of the trigger. The lower you place your finger on the trigger shoe the more leverage you’ll have hence lighter pull. The┬átrigger shoe also has a small bump at the very end to allow the shooter feel the position of his finger. It also has an incredibly short reset – sub .030″. The Truss trigger is a drop-in one and will fit any standard AR-15 lower receiver with .154″ diameter hammer and trigger pins. However, according to Viking Tactics, it is not compatible with .169″ Colt pins. The trigger housing features two built-in set screws to tension the housing against the lower receiver after it is installed. They also recommend using captive (anti-walk) pins. Here is a video showing the installation process:

    The Truss trigger is made of 440C stainless steel with exception of the housing, which is a 6061 anodized aluminum part. This trigger is available through Viking Tactics’ website at MSRP of $220.

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