Franklin Armory Open Pre-Orders For The New HK Binary Trigger

    The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger has been a favorite of people looking to make a whole lot of noise and brass without spending the ludicrous amount of money for a transferable machine gun or live in an area where transferable guns are not legal.

    The new HK Binary Firing System Trigger is a 3 position trigger that has a safe, semi, and a “binary” position. In the binary position, the trigger will fire a single shot when the trigger pulled, then another when the trigger is released making it the fastest semi-auto trigger on the planet. It will feature an ambi safety selector and will fit in two or three position trigger housings.

    Franklin Armory hasn’t released a list of what it will and won’t fit but they do say it will fit most HK 91, 93, and MP5 variants and clones but some firearms may need additional fitting. Below is a list of specs from the press release.

    *  A trigger pull around 4.5 pounds.
    *  Ambidextrous Safety Selector.
    *  Safety Selector will fit in two and three position trigger housings.
    *  Will not work with Ambiidextrous Housings
    *  Trigger housing, ejector, ejector pin and ejector spring are not included.
    *  Will fit most HK 91, 93, & MP5 variants and clones
    *  Some firearms may require additional fitting
    *  MSRP $699.99

    The new HK Binary trigger is great news for HK owners and clone owners that want to experience a higher rate of fire than their checkbook would normally allow. The MSRP of $699 is significantly cheaper than the going rate for a registered sear or full auto transferable gun.

    Check out Franklin Armory’s website for more information about the preorder that is scheduled to go live April 28th at the start of NRA’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta.