Daniel Defense To Manufacture 3D Printed Wave Silencer

    Credit: The Gun Collective

    Silencer news nerds unite! A recent leak making the rounds on social media shows what appears to be a yet-to-be-announced 3D Printed suppressor from Daniel Defense. The DD Wave, a name registered by Daniel Defense earlier this year, looks like a quick disconnect rifle suppressor. As of this writing, I have confirmed that at least one major distributor already has the Wave on order.

    The expansion of additive manufacturing into all facets of the firearms industry¬†should come as little surprise to most “gunsumers” (#gunsumers trademark pending: TFB_Pete). As technology advances and industrial processes become less costly, more companies will be able to utilize techniques that were once reserved for advanced engineering firms.

    My review of the Delta P Brevis II Ultra 3D Printed silencer is my most read review to date. As I said before, it is a unique silencer with unique applications. But there was some heated controversy in the comments section, with a few readers stating that additive manufacturing is not ready to contain the¬†harsh forces of a rifle’s muzzle blast and that the process is best left to prototyping.

    So now that power house rifle maker Daniel Defense is jumping into the 3D Printed silencer game, will the critics change their tune? Is this the beginning of a “mainstream” silencer manufacturing evolution? And at a reported MSRP of ~$1100, are you a buyer?

    Let’s hear it all in the comments below.

    The Daniel Defense Wave 3D Printed rifle silencer:

    DD Wave

    Credit: FourGuysGuns


    So, why the name ‘Wave’? Does it refer to the appearance of the baffle stack or some part of the manufacturing process? Let’s see what the next few days brings us.

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