Master Of Arms Nyx Bolt Carrier Group

    Recoil management for faster follow-up shots is an elusive beast. The balance between weight savings, mechanical complexity and cost is challenge for rifle designers and shooters alike. Master Of Arms has developed the Nyx bolt carrier group to use reciprocating mass to reduce felt recoil while still being able to save weight.

    I’m not going to delve into a beginner’s physics class, mostly because the commenters would have a field day with my attempt, but by lightening the BCG, moving mass is reduced along with felt recoil. The tungsten ball and spring combination (called the Dead Blow Cage) can be adjusted with additional mass to tune the rifle for specific loads and other variables like gas management. In essence, the tungsten ball moves before after the rest of the carrier, delaying the unlocking sequence and dissipating energy.

    All technological advances come with a cost, be it monetary or mechanical – the complete Nyx bolt carrier group comes in at a $525 MSRP. But if it works as stated, there’s not much else on the market like it. And when it comes to competitive shooting, every advantage is a welcome blessing.


    Master Of Arms Nyx Titanium Carrier:

    • Made from Solution Heat Treated and Aged, Grade 5 Titanium
      Ti 6Al-4v STA
    • All machining done post heat treat to insure no warping or dimensional instability
    • Ionbond’s Diamond Like Carbon Coating insures a long service life
    • NIB Key attached with quality Belleville washers, no staking required
    • NIB Cam-pin is less lubricant sensitive than alternatives
    • Completed with American Made Components
    • Bolt is 9310 with NIB coating
    • Extractor is Manganese Phosphate Coated for maximum friction on the case rim
    • Dead Blow Cage at the back of the carrier holds wave springs and weights for a tuned recoil experience and increased reliability.
    • 3.98oz Carrier + Key
    • 6.10oz BCG
    • 8.25oz BCG + Tungsten weight & springs
    • Made In America



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