DSG Holsters Rolls Out Several FN 509 Holsters On The Heels Of The New Gun Being Announced

    DSG Holsters has revealed one of the first commercial FN 509 holsters to hit the market. DSG Arms in Fort Worth, Texas are a group of wonderful folks that have dedicated themselves to providing the best possible product for both the consumer and the professional shooter. In that quest to offer the best product they possibly can, they saw a place for a high-quality holster option that was priced at a much more attainable level than the other offerings on the market.

    DSG was able to produce the new holsters just in time for the release of the handgun and even took the time to take some pretty great photos of the handgun by itself. While this post might be about holsters, we all like gun porn, why not toss some in there as well.

    I got the chance to take the HR holster out to the range and really put it through its paces, I have to say that it is a pretty damn good holster. Since we have another writer already working on a review I will leave the thoughts about DSG Holsters’ merits to that writer. (Spoiler alert, they are kick ass holsters.)

    The new 509 holsters are available in every configuration that DSG has available currently in both FDE and black with the exception of the Alpha holster that will come later. Both the canted and straight drop version of the HR holster carry an MSRP of $69 and the CDC IWB holster has an MSRP of $55.

    Check out DSG Holsters on the web HERE for more information and up to date pricing. I understand they will be at NRA 2017 and MIGHT have a special on the new additions to the holster lineup.