Surefire Sheds some Light on their NEW Flashlights


    Surefire has been slowly releasing more new products even after the excitement of SHOT Show has settled. This includes 3 new flashlights with their MaxVision beam and high output LED. All 3 new models sell anywhere from roughly $120 – $300. While these may not be entirely affordable for the general consumer, this is the price-point you would expect to see Surefire lights running at.


    Surefire G2Z Combatlight w/ MaxVision    (High Output LED)

    G2Z Combatlight w/ MaxVision (High Output LED)

    This new flashlight uses Surefire’s MaxVision Beam to create a wide field of vision for the user. The G2Z Combatlight is also able to pump out 650 lumens in a compact package. At 1.1” in diameter and 4.75” in length it is even more compact than its earlier model. This flashlight runs on two 123A batteries (included) and has a constant run time of 2 hours. The G2Z Combatlight also has a simple lanyard for easier use and a rigid polymer body for durability. The G2Z Combatlight with MaxVision has an MSRP of $120.99. A pretty decent buy for a flashlight that is pushing out 650 lumens from a compact package.


    Surefire E1B Backup w/ MaxVision
    (High Output LED)

    E1B Backup w/ MaxVision (High Output LED)

    For those who are uninitiated to Surefire flashlights, the Backup line was first produced for law enforcement, but found a strong following with civilians as well. This model can push out as little as 5 lumens (50 Hours) or up to 400 lumens (75 Minutes). It features a 2-way pocket clip for the user’s preference, and a hard-anodized aluminum body. Similar to the previous model mentioned, the E1B Backup uses Surefire’s MaxVision technology:

    …created by a special faceted reflector that shapes the LED’s light into a smooth, seamless wall of light that’s perfect for closer-range applications and maintaining situational awareness.

    Keeping that in mind, you can begin to understand why Surefire is implementing this technology into more and more of their flashlights. The E1B Backup uses a single 123A battery and MSRP’s at $220.


    Surefire Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED

    Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED

    The Aviator is a re-introduction of a previous popular model. It offers a combination of a white LED output paired with a secondary color. There are 4 secondary color options with both a High and Low Intensity option to pick from:

    • Amber: 20 Lumens/ 5 Lumens (2.75 Hrs/ 29 Hrs)
    • Blue: 4 Lumens/ 0.4 Lumens (12 Hrs/ 49 Hrs)
    • Red: 39 Lumens/ 1 Lumen (3 Hrs/ 57 Hrs)
    • Yellow-Green: 39 Lumens/  0.3 Lumens (12 Hrs/ 58 Hrs)

    If you are wondering, “Why so many colors?” do not feel bad because that crossed my mind, too. Surefire explained the need for all the available colors:

    • Amber improves contrast and does not degrade scotopic or night adapted vision.
    • Blue more clearly defines shapes in the outdoors and helps identify blood and hydraulic fluid.
    • Red improves contrast and aids in reading red-light-readable topographic maps.
    • Yellow-Green is complimentary to the color spectrum used in most cockpits.

    So for those who are looking for a more purpose-driven flashlight, this may be it. This flashlight utilizes one 123A battery, is waterproof, and has an aerospace-quality aluminum body. The white LED can be used at 250 lumens (90 Minutes) or 5 lumens (20.5 Hours) for varying run time. The Aviator Dual-Output Multi-Spectrum LED has an MSRP of $298.

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