The Philippine X9 MAC-11 Clone

    Check out this beauty that a Redditor recently posted on r/guns. It’s a pretty rough looking clone of a MAC-11 (M11) submachine gun called the X9 that’s chambered in 9mm. At first I thought it was just another Philippine made backyard special, but apparently they were actually manufactured and were available in the US at one time according to this out of stock listing and old Armslist ad. Anyone own one or know anything else about these guns? From what I can gather these things suck.

    According to the poster on Reddit:

    I just wanted to show you one of the gun made here in the philippines. Its the X9 and it has a pistol variant and a machine pistol one. It pretty unreliable because it picky when it comes to ammunition and the firing rate of the machine pistol is very fast and uncontrollable but its nothing a heavier bolt wouldn’t fix.

    There’s actually a few videos on YouTube of the X9 (check them out below) and they confirm what the poster stated, it’s not that reliable. In the first video the user has an X9 that looks pretty cool with a retractable stock and a foregrip but they¬†had issues with the retractable stock collapsing while shooting, wait till the end and watch it in full-auto. Scary.

    Here’s another video of the X9 in action, that shooter also had issues with the gun.

    There are some pretty decent guns made in the Philippines, IMO Rock Island 1911s are a solid choice. The X9 is not. While we’re on the subject of guns in the Philippines check out the coolest firearm to come out of the Pilipinas, a suppressed M3 Grease Gun.

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