Egyptian Small Arms Cache Uncovered, Further Iranian Connection

    Recent news reports have revealed that an arms cache in use by the Muslim Brotherhood was recently uncovered by Egyptian Security Forces in the vicinity of Alexandria. A number of small arms and explosive devices were uncovered, several of which will be noted below due to their peculiarity. However one of the more important finds to Egyptian authorities is the presence of Iranian-made grenades and anti-personal mines. Finding this evidence is hardly surprising due to Iran’s policies of trying to undermine potential enemies by supporting minority groups in such places as Lebanon and Palestine, to include a number of countries in Africa. The article on the topic also specifically mentions the recent video released by the so-called Islamic State that we covered earlier, on taking shots at Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai. In addition, it mentions the Iranian anti-material rifle that is a copy of the HS .50 made by Steyer, labeling it as the “إم 50” or AM50 in English. This rifle was observed to be used by so-called Islamic State sharpshooters in the aforementioned video.

    From the article in Arabic, Google translated into English-

    Security expert Khaled Okasha asserts to the “Arab.Net” that the Iranian weapons sent by Tehran to the Muslim Brotherhood and on their way from terrorist groups fall within the policy of Tehran to ignite the areas of conflict with the aim of expansion and expansion and the imposition of areas of influence; Free but are among the economic activities carried out by Iran since the imposition of Western sanctions on them.

    He added that many Iranian weapons were seized in raids by the Egyptian army in Sinai and were not announced; the final video of the Sinai # which they called the “heart throws” and reveals the sniper of Egyptian soldiers showing Iranian sniper rifles AM50; which means two important; That there is close cooperation between the Da’ash and Iran and the joint coordination between them militarily in order to prolong the length of terrorism in the Sinai and confuse the Egyptian security and the Egyptian army; or that the advocate of Sinai is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is in public coordination with Iran and buy arms for the Dahesh military wing of the Brotherhood in Sinai.

    Apart from the massive amounts of explosives present in the cache, there was a number of Hungarian AMD-65s, an M14, PKMs, some FN FALs and surprisingly what appears to be a large number of Turkish pistol grip shotguns. Shotguns are usually not the preferred weapon of choice for terrorist operations, and especially in the MENA region shotgun usage is rather limited compared to the United States.

    From an avid reader of TFB, translating the words of the reporter-

    The reporter isn’t saying much really in one way or another he is saying oh look how this farm was dangerous for police forces to storm. Oh there is an entire arsenal, oh my God they must have been preparing for a war, Also he stresses that it must have been impossible for the police to discover this farm unless they had very good intl. also wondering how the weapons and ammo were well preserved and that when you see him and the Colonel scarping some type of cosmoline off some Aks also you can see that he doesn’t know anything about guns and actually seems fascinated by them


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