New B&T GHM9 Redesign Mockup Leaked By French Website?

    I know what you are thinking – when did this become the B&T Firearm Blog? It seems like every week we have some snippet of news from the Swiss manufacturer. Can I help it if I am a little infatuated with B&T polymer and steel? This week, we bring you a possible second generation of the GHM9 – a pistol caliber “pistol” with a few refined features.

    The new GHM9 now sports a side mounted charging handle and a full length top rail. Although I think I might prefer the first version, the changes will be a welcome relief for those looking for better optics placement.

    Of course, due to import restrictions, the GHM9 will enter the US as a pistol with the option to add a side folding stock after completion of the ATF’s Form 1 “making process”.

    The price listed here shows €1790, however conversations with company officials have indicated that the GHM9 is intended to be the entry level B&T model with a US price estimated around $1200 USD.

    New GHM9 Specifications (with humorous French translation):

    • Semi automatic rifle
    • Caliber: 9×19
    • 175mm (approx. 7 “) hammered hammer with 3 locking lugs for sound moderator (MP5-APC9 standard) (three lug barrel)
    • Canon with QPQ treatment (double nitriding for exceptional corrosion and wear resistance) (barrel coating)
    • Anodized aeronautical alloy machined cylinder head box.
    • Hand guard picatinny floating integrated into the cylinder head box. (Top rail)
    • Relaxation system of the AR15 which opens the door to the realization of custom with very light departures. (Rails to put stuff on)
    • Hydraulic cylinder head damper from aeronautics: it allows to reduce the bearing dramatically. (Recoil dampening piston)
    • Eyecup and folding handlebar. (Flip up sights)
    • Polycarbonate chargers (compatible with TP9 / MP9) (Magazines)
    • Weight 2,270 kg
    • Length folded back: 430mm
    • Unfolded stock length: 660mm
    • Made in Switzerland.

    As a reminder, here’s a picture we took of the first generation GHM9 at the 2017 SHOT Show (bottom left):


    I know the side charger is more practical and useable, but I do love the look of the original top charger.

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