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    Seventeen years after we narrowly missed the Y2K technological disaster (snicker), both business and government still rely heavily on printed paper documents. Put those two organizations together and you have regulated chaos of tax records, purchase data, and in the case of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL), transfer records of every firearm ever bought or sold. And while current regulations still require dealers to have a physical bound log book, companies like FFL Boss are helping to lessen the record keeping burden for firearm sellers by providing them with an easy to use software solution.

    Compliance, accounting and record keeping software options are plentiful, however very few offer features tailored specifically towards licensed gun dealers. FFL Boss allows dealers to track firearm sales, gunsmithing transactions, NFA transfer times and in the case of pawn shops, record consignment sales.

    Because the ATF specifically notifies dealers that any computer hardware that stores transaction data is subject to review during audits, FFL Boss uses secure cloud storage to record all the detailed transaction information. The beauty behind this system is that the data can be accessed from anywhere with the right security credentials. For example, dealers with multiple locations can track eany store’s inventory and transfers.

    One of the most interesting features of the software is the ‘Kiosk Mode’ which allows the customer to input all their data digitally rather than filling out forms. Completed on a tablet, purchasers can even sign their documents digitally.

    FFL BOSS Dashboard:

    FFL Boss

    FFL Boss Software Features:

    • Electronic Bound Book – An automated cloud based A&D book that only has the licensee acquire a firearm. All other records and forms are created through the normal retail sales process utilizing automation.
    • Automated 4473 – An electronic 4473 that retrieves values from the electronic A&D book and writes the disposition automatically.
    • Kiosk Mode – Turn any computer, laptop or tablet into an input device for retail customers to fill out paperwork without giving them access to the entire system.
    • Integrated LEEP Background Checks – Run Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) background checks from within FFL Boss and auto populate fields on the electronic 4473.
    • Multiple Sales Reporting – Report of Multiple Sale of Pistols and Revolvers as well as Certain Rifles in border states are automatically generated during qualifying multiple sale transactions.
    • NFA Reservation System – Reserves NFA items which does not allow them to be disposed of or placed on multiple forms until tax stamp is approved and automates the ATF Form 3 and 4.
    • Pawn Module – An add-on for Pawn Brokers that allows acquisitions and dispositions to be associated with pawn ticket numbers and inventory locations within a pawn shop.
    • Employee Activity Monitor – Allows owners and managers to review all activity of any user on the account as well as restrict access to certain features for non-management employees.
    • The service pays for itself – A licensee that sells more than five firearms per month will save money through time savings (see calculator at www.fflboss.com/nfatca to find estimated savings) by automation of forms and paperwork, there is also a discounted plan for home based FFLs.

    Printed Bound Book Entries:

    Concerned about the legalities of just storing data in the cloud? The ATF recently gave dealers the legal ability to use off-site solutions:

    ATF Ruling 2016-1 authorizes FFLs to use cloud based electronic acquisition and disposition records but places the burden on FFLs to verify software service providers meet 14 conditions. Here are the 14 conditions that must be met and how FFL Boss complies with all provisions

    FFL Boss also now offers FFL EZ Check Validation:

    I realize that a electronic FFL data control solution isn’t the most exciting topic for most of our readers, but the potential exists to streamline your gun buying process through the use of an efficient system like FFL Boss.

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