Silencerco History: Pre-Buyout SWR ASR A2 Flash Hider

    Warning: This post may contain slight whining, begging, or pleading for said part.

    Before Silencerco bought out SWR, one of the QD attachments available was the ASR flash hider as seen above. It was discontinued years ago and remains a bit of unobtainium that rarely if ever pops up on the used market.

    A common issue when getting into cloning popular guns or a build you found a picture of that really spoke to you is manufacturers discontinuing parts. Sadly, this is one of those instances where the company decided it no longer needed to keep making the part.

    While the SWR ASR mount isn’t 100% correct for my CQBR clone, it allows me to mount my Silencerco Saker and still look close to correct. The downside is these flash hiders were discontinued years ago and apparently hardly exist on the secondary market. Shame since the flash hider looks very similar to the Knights Armament Company OD flash hider that would be correct for the clone.

    I have to know, do you have a favorite source for hard to find or discontinued parts? Searching for this simple little flash hider is driving me mad.