Gun Jesus Takes Us On A Tour Of Some Of His Gun Collection

    Gun Jesus, AKA Ian from Forgotten Weapons, recently rolled out a video about a gun display wall from Matrix Armory and decided to spice it up a bit by taking us on a brief tour through some of his collection. So what does Gun Jesus hold dear?

    He goes into detail in the above video but the ones that caught me off guard were the FAL and what appears to be a .308 AK of some variety. Ian has some rather interesting pieces on the wall and a couple that I want to get my hands on someday. The FN 49 and the CETME L both are guns that are on my list of want to shoots and maybe even own one day. The retro carbine from Troy is another one that makes me want to whip out a credit card and get to ordering, but an already AR dominated safe makes me reconsider.

    Maybe one day I will have to set up my own tactical wall, but for now, they will live in the safe.

    Check out Forgotten Weapons on YouTube. Ian Does a wonderful job of showing his audience some rather unique firearms.