DryFireMag: The Cool Training Tool We Never Heard Of

    Every now and then something cool and interesting flys under the radar. In this instance, it is a dry fire training tool with a rather self-explanatory name, DryFireMag.

    Currently, the DryFireMag is being produced for Glocks only at this time. They say they are working on other popular pistol models at this time. The two models they offer cover both large and small frame Glocks in sub-compact, compact, and full-size flavors.

    Searching YouTube for more information netted a couple videos that show the DryFireMag in a bit better detail. The best I can tell it clicks when the trigger would normally break simulating the striker falling. One of the videos shows it out of the gun and a closer look at the operation of the clicker paddle. It also seems that the mag can be tuned to whatever trigger pull best emulates your own Glock.

    It is hard to say if this would be a useful training tool or not based on the videos alone. It might make sense with a laser training insert, but at that point buying a SERT makes more sense and the risk of a negligent discharge isn’t there.

    Check out DryFireMag on their website, MSRP appears to be $99.