Bearing Arms Lays Out Why Some Trainers Don’t Allow Serpas … And Hate On Them A Bit

    A post over at Bearing Arms has to be one of the more lengthy Serpa hate posts I have seen floating around the internet. It isn’t all feels and thoughts, they also used facts and YouTube video examples to make their case.

    Now the Serpa has its place in the market as a readily available retention holster, but some industry professionals have blacklisted the design. Now I maintain that the Serpa will serve most people just fine around the house or in the woods, but as a serious duty holster, it falls short due to materials and construction.

    So would I use a Serpa? Yes, given the right circumstances. If I were only shooting at the range, walking around the woods, or needed something for around the house for whatever reason I might look to a lower cost Serpa given they are available at many big box stores and inexpensive. Now if the need was for a holster to use in a class, competition, open carry I might look to another holster option.

    Can the Serpa be fixed? I am sure it can. A bit of engineering magic and slightly better polymer and you have a design that I would be willing to consider for more of a hard use role.

    Take a look at the Bearing Arms article to see the entire story.