The “Freeze” Response & Its Deadly Reprecussions – An Expose from Brazil

    When one brings up the body’s mental and physical response to an altercation, the often used “fight of flight” response is brought up. From an evolutionary or even logical perspective, the body has an excellent response to the potential happenstance of violence. Adrenaline dumps into the system with a variety of effects preparing the body for what is about to come.

    Often though, the mind does not have the same response. It has a third option which happens all too often – the freeze response. For some, the mind and nervous system is simply overwhelmed or one just resigns to their possible fate with often fatal consequences.

    A video made the rounds the middle of last year about a shooting in Brazil. In a brazen attack, a shooter walks up to the intended target, fires ones and misses. The victim then proceeds to stand there and do nothing for about four seconds while the shooter clears a malfunction only to then receive a second shot (which also caused the gun to malfunction).

    The video is an excellent expose on the often overlooked portion of self-defense in that the self must be ready for the defense. Otherwise, your final moments will be watching your killer clear a malfunction.

    For the video, check out LiveLeak here:

    Nathan S

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