F&D Tactical’s SHUT – The Anti Accu-Wedge

    AR-15 shooters have long had to contend with “receiver wobble.” While never detrimental to the function of the firearm, the wobble has been a constant source of annoyance for AR lovers from the firearms world where solid feel is often put on a pedestal. Various solutions have been offered for this including milling receivers to extremely tight tolerances (which loosen over time), to tensioning screws, to the Accu-Wedge, all of which worked to eliminate the wobble. Almost every solution has been focused on pushing the upper receiver upwards at the rear, which in rare extreme cases can create a significant gap enough for debris to enter the receiver.

    F&D Defense has looked at it from another perspective, instead opting to put managed pressure on the front of the receiver and pull it back downwards using the rear pin. Called the “SHUT” feature which stands for Solid Hinge Upper Receiver. In short, they add a small hump on the front of the receiver which puts the upper in slight tension when the takedown pin installed, removing slack.

    The SHUT feature is listed as patent-pending and sadly, no word on the upcoming availability or pricing or the lower receiver. Fortunately, the tech will be applied to standard forged lowers, so builders will have a myriad of options to match their F&D SHUT lower.

    Head on over to F&D Defense for the full briefing video. 

    Nathan S

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