AB Arms OEM Partnership with Keystone Sporting Rifles Announced

    Previously we have reviewed some of AB Arms’ products on The Firearm Blog and know them to be rather nicely machined parts. Now AB Arms has partnered with Keystone Sporting Rifles to bring one of the Keystone 722 bolt actions to the market with a new chassis system.

    As a new dad, I am especially excited about the new announcement. The previously announced Cricket Precision Rifle allows parents that are involved in precision rifle shooting to teach their kids how to shoot with a rifle that looks like an AI chassis rifle, but what if they run something with a more modern chassis? That is where the new Mod*X chassis for the 722 rifle comes in.

    Patterned after the AB Arms Mod*X chassis that I reviewed some time ago, the Keystone PT is scaled down for the little ones so that teaching proper technique with a single shot bolt gun is a snap.

    The new Keystone PT rifle will be officially launched at the 146th NRA Annual Meeting later this month, swing by the Keystone Sporting Arms booth #1401 to see it in person. I know I am going to have to drop by and check it out.

    You can learn more about AB Arms on their website or visit Keystone Sporting Rifles‘ site to see their entire lineup. There is no indication of MSRP at this time.