SCCY is Moving to Maryville, Tennessee

    Various news organizations are reporting Daytona Beach, Florida-based SCCY Industries, LLC, makers of the CPX pistol line, are moving to Maryville, Tennessee in Blount County. Local Maryville and Daytona papers are reporting that the handgun manufacturer is moving its headquarters and manufacturing to a new 75,000 square foot plant on a 68 acre campus in the Big Spring Industrial Park as soon as 2018.

    SCCY is going to create at least 350 new jobs over the next three years in the county that has a population of 128,000 according to the news stories. This will represent significant growth in the forearm company’s workforce compared to the current 200 employees. SCCY Industries LLC’s founder and CEO, Joe Roebuck and the president, Wayne Holt joined up with county and state officials for an announcement on Wednesday.

    Roebuck says that SCCY has plans for at least six buildings and an outdoor shooting range in the industrial park, to include a “SCCY Lodge” for “visiting industry leaders and gun writers.” This writer is curious as to what a “SCCY Lodge” might entail. The new facility will cost $22.5 million and will house the $10 million in equipment that SCCY will move from the Daytona facility.

    Mayors, Senators, and business leaders that were at the announcement all expressed satisfaction in the gun-makers move from Florida to Tennessee.

    SCCY Industries, LLC, was founded in 2003 and has built a half a million handguns. They can be found here at

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