TorkMag’s New 20 Round 9mm Glock Mags Coming Soon

    At SHOT Show 2017 TorkMag showed off their new G-Block Mag Well Conversion for the AR-15 to accept Glock mags, they also showed off their new 20 Round 9mm Glock mags. Back during the SHOT Show the MSRP and a release date wasn’t determined but TorkMag has since announced their new 20 rounders are coming this summer and should retail for $19.95.

    If you don’t remember TorkMag our very own Patrick R did a review of their 50 round AR-15 mags. The review didn’t go too well but after TorkMag made some revisions the updated mags functioned flawlessly during the follow up review.

    Like with their other mags TorkMag’s new Glock mag is made in the USA out of injection molded polymer. It holds 20 rounds of 9mm but it’s a tad longer than a factory 17-round Glock mag, however it’s shorter than a 17-round Glock mag with a factory +2 extension baseplate. Their mag works with standard Glock baseplates and extensions as well.

    TorkMag’s new G17 20-round mag has ambidextrous mag catches for use with 4th Gen Glocks. It also has an AR-15 mag catch molded into the left side of the mag for use with their G-Block conversion kits. Check them out over at

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