Scalarworks Takes Their Lightweight VooDoo to the Benelli M4 & Aimpoint

    While the picatinny rail is a highly versatile mounting system, it is certainly lacking in the svelte department. Where quad rails equipped with the system are affectionately known as “cheese graters” by those who have been equipped with them, you know its not the most elegant solution to mounting. On the flip side, its highly versatile, allowing for nearly anything to be equipped versus purpose-built solutions.

    But, purpose-built solutions are often far more streamlined. Case in point is the latest Aimpoint mount from Scalarworks. Seeing the opportunity to expand their Benelli M4 options from the RMR mount previously launched, Scalarworks has taken their obsession with lightweight and sexiness and applied it to marry the extremely compatible Aimpoint Micro series of options and the Benelli M4.

    Called the “Sync”, the mount is a skinny purpose-built adapter that can sit on any pre-drilled and tapped Benelli receiver and sets up the optic for co-witness with the Benelli’s excellent iron sights. The mount is patent-pending through Scalarworks Key-Slot system which will help keep optics stable even if the base mounting screws start to back out. Nifty.

    Weight clocks in at just .69 ounces, but all that weight savings comes in at a pretty penny – $119.00 even to be exact. Fortunately, that money gets you the best materials and finishes, 7075 aluminum and type III hard anodizing.

    For more information or to purchase (and to see Scalarworks’ fantastic website), visit them online here. 

    Nathan S

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