Racketeering Lawsuit from Helga Glock v. Gaston Glock Dismissed in USA

    Glock, with its commanding position in the US handgun market, is certainly a large juicy target for lawsuits. Indeed, it has been subjected to many and continues to fight others, but few would have expected that a RICO lawsuit against Glock would be filed by another Glock – Helga Glock, Gaston Glock’s ex-wife.

    In a salacious filing, Helga asserted that Gaston was the mastermind behind numerous crimes including money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, and even hiding assets from the family. The latter was and is serious for Helga, who with their grown children, helmed the company during its critical growth and early years of success. Gaston divorced Helga, fired his own children, and has remarried his much younger nurse indicating that she will inherit the company upon his death.

    Au Carumba.

    Unfortunately for Helga, a US judge found that she did not have standing due to not suffering “injury” within the United States. While its possible that she may have standing in Austria where the company is headquartered, the suit in the US will not proceed forward. Also included in the opinion was the Judge’s comments that no evidence was offered of Gaston’s alleged illegal activities – just accusations “on information and belief.”

    While the legal saga worthy of Jerry Springer is not yet concluded internationally, the dismissal will likely put the issue to rest within the United States until Helga can proffer evidence of injury and wrongdoing.

    Nathan S

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