New Addition To The Howa Long Range Rifle Line

    There is a new model to choose from if you are looking at the Howa Long Range line with a fancy new stock. Shooters looking for a precision rifle to start out in the long range shooting game have never had so many options to choose from, every one of them as good as the next. In fact, the choices are becoming so numerous it really comes down to what you local gun store or favorite website has in stock, your budget, and what features you want.

    The new model will feature all the things that you might expect from the Howa Long Range line with the addition of a GRS Berserk stock fitted from the factory.

    Belof is a list of the features according to the press release:

    • Howa 1500 Heavy Barreled Action

    • GRS Berserk Stock

    • .204 Ruger HB, .223 Rem HB, .22-250 HB, .243 Win HB, 6.5 Creedmoor HB, .308 Win HB

    • 20″, 24″, threaded and non-threaded options (depending on caliber)

    • HACT two-stage trigger

    • Sub-MOA guarantee*

    • Lifetime Warranty*

    • Pillar bedded 15% fiberglass reinforced Durethan.

    • Black, right hand configuration only

    • LOP 13.2″- 14.5″

    • Optimized stock contour for use of rear bags

    • Rubberized grip and forend for better friction in wet conditions

    • Flush cup sling mounts and push button sling loops

    • MSRP Starting At: $1,199.00

    On top of all that, the new Howa carried on the Howa sub-moa guarantee as well as a 1000% limited lifetime warranty. As stated in the product specs, the MSRP will be $1,199, putting it in direct competition with several precision rifles already on the market.

    Check out their website for more information on the Howa Long Range rifle.