Weapon Worship in India

    There is an interesting cultural element of worshipping weapons in India. It is called Shastra Puja or Ayudha Puja, which literally means weapon worship. It takes place during an Indian religious annual festival in September. The celebration is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. During this event, people decorate their weapons with flowers and some religious ornaments and pray to them. This is also some sort of an act of gratitude and appreciation of the weapons and the protection they provide.

    Earlier, of course, people worshiped the bows, arrows, swords and other weapons of the time. Since the firearms were introduced, gained popularity and pretty much replaced the old types of weapons, they became a part of this ritual. Today this celebration has even widened its meaning and people start to worship any tool which they use to make a living: cars, hand tools, machinery etc.

    For some tribes like Kodava people, weapon worshipping is especially important. Weapons had a central role in their culture for centuries. These people are avid proponents of firearm ownership. They educate their children from the very young age to respect the gun and understand the responsibilities and benefits associated with owning a firearm. It is interesting to see an example of an old culture giving so much importance of responsible ownership of firearms and appreciating the role that weapons played during the history of mankind.

    Below is a selection of images gathered all over the internet showing the weapon worship ritual in various parts of India.

    Hrachya H

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