POTD: WolfA1 Upper Is Popular In Taiwan

    The photo above is a screen shot from a Taiwanese news report about the sales of the T91 upper receiver being imported by Wolf Ammo.

    If you are not familiar with the T91, it is the standard issued rifle for the Republic of China, aka Taiwan. Wolf is importing the upper receivers but making the barrels here in the US. The Wolf A1 Upper does not come with the carry handle rear sight nor does it have the picatinny rail below the gas block.

    Burst Review has two videos explaining the Wolf A1 in detail. Click here to check them out.

    The screen shot above is of me shooting the Wolf A1 at the Big 3 East Media Event last October. Here is the article I wrote about it when I was there.

    The video of me used in the Taiwanese news report was shot by fellow TFB writer Tim Yan.

    Here is the other side of that same shot sequence.


    From what little I was able to translate, the news report is proud that the T91 is recognized and sold in the US. Albeit as an upper receiver only. 1,000 units have been sold to the US at $599 each so the report says.

    Here is another news report about the Wolf A1 Upper. They even used the photos I took but they credited TFB in the upper right hand corner.