IWI Releases Enhanced Jericho 941 PL at LAAD 2017

    While at Latin America Aerospace and Defence 2017 (LAAD 2017), Israeli Weapon Industries released the latest in their line of Jericho handguns. The 9x19mm NATO/.40 S&W/.45 ACP Jericho 941 PL Enhanced handgun is a move towards bringing the Jericho into motion with numerous changes in recent modular pistol design. This includes a flattened polymer frame, interchangable backstraps, a rounded trigger guard, and more picatinny rail-estate on the forend. The 941 PL comes in two sizes, a full size and a compact version. So far the only difference between the two that we can tell is that the full size has one more picatinny cross section and might be somewhat longer in the grip. The handgun comes in Black, Green, and FDE. Offering this handgun in FDE appears to be a first in terms of finish FDE options for IWI as well.

    From Monch

    The standard pistol of the Israeli Police, the JERICHO family provides high performance and dependability. It is available in full-size, medium, and compact models, with either steel or polymer frames, and slide or frame-mounted safety. Main features include a very reliable mechanism, integral lower Picatinny rail, round chamber indicator, single or traditional double action, and last round catch; the weapon is available in three calibres (9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP).

    Modifications include the addition of three backstrap sizes – enabling adjustment according to palm size, the absence of finger grooves – allowing a more comfortable grip, and a rough grip texture – improving the pistol’s grip. The new model is available in both full and medium size, and in three colours – black, green and FDE.

    Following the JERICHO pistol family’s many years of success among police forces, law enforcement agencies, and military entities – in Israel and around the world – we decided to keep the renowned and exceptionally reliable mechanism unchanged, while implementing modifications to the polymer-frame JERICHO pistol in order to achieve outstanding ergonomics,” Shlomi Sabag, the company’s new CEO, stated. “This new generation pistol is specially designed according to the standards and needs of the modern user.”

    The earlier 941 PSL for comparison.

    The Jericho 941 PL is an improvement upon the Jericho 941 PSL which debuted some years ago. Both models are based on the legendary CZ 75 design, IWI bringing to market their vision of a better CZ 75 in the 1990s. No word yet on U.S. commercial introduction and MSRP figures but we would assume that it will be in the $500-$700 range, depending on various options and state taxes. The earlier 941 PSL was explicitly not availible to ship to California or Massachusets while the 941 PL has a loaded chamber indicator which might open up the possibility of sale in these two states. It is very probable that IWI USA will have a firm presence at NRA 2017 which is just around the corner here in a few weeks, with much more information about the 941 PL.


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