Das-Mag CA and NY Compliant Side Loaded Fixed Mags

    Living in a state like California and New York as a gun owner really sucks. Leaders in those states are doing everything they can to take away their resident’s Second Amendment rights, but it seems whenever a new idiotic law is passed the market finds a way to create new accessories that allows shooters to still enjoy their rifles. Those in free states would scoff at parts like the Patriot Pin or a side feed stripper clip loader for the AR-15, but I’m just glad companies are making compliant parts for the people behind enemy lines.

    I recently stumbled upon a new accessory from Directactionsolutions.net called the Das-Mag. It’s a patent pending California and New York compliant fixed mag that’s side fed for AK variant rifles. The Das-Mag is locked into place via their own “LOK” mechanism, you can then load 10 rounds of ammo into the mag by pulling down on the charging handle on the right hand side, you open the loading door on the left hand side and drop in the ammo then release the side charging handle.

    While this won’t look operator-like and tactical it is a pretty ingenious design to help those in CA and NY still enjoy their AKs.┬áDirect Action Solutions is currently taking pre-orders on their Das-Mag at $124.99, the first 1,000 customers will also get 50% off a reloader that they’re also working on. Check them out at Directactionsolutions.net.

    Ray I.

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