Patriot One ‘Weapons Detection System’

    A Canadian company has potentially developed radar technology that can identify people carrying weapons at private events or public places without the need for visualization. Patriot One Technologies says their NForce system avoids privacy concerns because, unlike scanners, there’s isn’t a need for a human to review an item’s shape or profile. Instead, near field radar is used to detect concentrations of iron-based metals.

    Patriot One Technologies in partnership with researchers from Canada’s McMaster University have developed a solution that employs near field radar in a manner that addresses all the factors outlined above in a cost-effective system that is being developed for commercial application in public locations within a realistically short time-frame.

    NForce CMR1000 is a first-of-its-kind covert primary screening device for the detection of on-body concealed weapons at access points including hallways and doorways of weapons-restricted buildings and facilities. NForce is an easily concealed, cost-effective and non-invasive full body scanning technology that is proven, practical and safe.

    The CMR1000 offers performance accuracy which significantly reduces personnel needs required for bag checks and secondary screening as security is primarily deployed against identified threats only. NForce provides stand off capability and guidelines to increase first responder reaction times through immediate action integrated directly to access controls. Users manage activities from a desktop computer, mobile application, or as a dedicated alarm for localized alerts.

    Patriot One NForce Key Features

    • Small enough for covert hall and doorway installations.
    • Images of the target NOT generated; absolutely no privacy concerns.
    • No subject compliance required. System acquires results on moving targets.
    • Secured locations inconspicuous – not institutional.
    • Time consuming scans not required.
    • Doesn’t require line of sight.
    • Compact and lower cost than millimeter-wave units.
    • Low cost allows for multiple networked units.
    • Weapon profiles updated network-wide regularly.
    • Real-time and entirely computer-based. Human operators NOT required.
    • Early detection reduces inspection team size and buys first responders critical intervention time.
    • System “learns” and continuously perfects its detection ability.
    • Frequencies are aligned with international regulations for safe use of microwave bandwidths.


    Technology and applications aside, I have a couple business-related concerns. One, it always rubs me the wrong way when a non-investment related company publishes their stock price at the top of their webpage – as if stock price is their main focus. Not to mention it’s being traded on the highly speculative OTC (penny stock) exchange. Lastly, grey boxes with company lettering and inputs, outputs, switches and dials isn’t important – focus on performance.

    However, if the NForce technology works advertised, these concerns are moot – Patriot One has the potential to change physical security screening practices around the world.


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