Breacher Up! Custom Bottle Openers

    In another departure from our normal tech stories, product releases and in-depth scientific analysis (no laughing), I bring you bottle openers. Albeit really cool bottle openers. Bottle Breacher is an Arizona based company that is owned and operated by military veterans who build customized bottle openers designed to look like .50 caliber and 20mm cartridges as well as the soon to be released fragmentation grenade.

    Prices range from around $20 to $35 and some openers can be personalized and engraved.

    Bottle breacher


    Hand crafted 50 caliber bottle openers made by Military Veterans. The staff at Bottle Breacher used to use 50 caliber ammunition to defend our country down range, they now use them to provide the best man gifts, groomsmen gifts, and promotional products on the market. Whether used for decorative display, at special events, or as your everyday bottle opener; BottleBreacher is sure to impress your friends and get people talking.

    Bottle Breacher’s are made from dummy ammunition and are completely safe. They have been professionally powder coated, not spray painted. This is a long process that takes time but keeps the finish for years to come. Our brass is professionally polished, giving it the extra shine that distinguishes it from all others. Engraving is done with a Laser Engraver which creates a unique contrast between the engraving and the coating of the Bottle Breacher, leaving it with a much better finish that is clear and precise.

    The owners of Bottle Breacher have been married over 10 years. Eli is a former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur and Jen has had a passion for business ever since graduating from the University of Arizona Eller College of Management in 2005. Bottle Breacher began in a 1 car garage while Eli was Active Duty and aired on Shark Tank a year and half later. They love to hire vets and reinvest in those that have served. Open your next cold one in style!

    To learn more about Bottle Breacher checkout our Blog for the most up to date media and what’s going on around the shop!


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