Ukrainian “IMKAS” Suppressors with Floating Baffles

    Ukrainian company IMKAS is known for their advanced research of silencer technologies. Perhaps most interesting products they have developed are the suppressors with floating baffles. As you can see from the images, there are springs between baffles and during the shot, baffles can actually move back and forth.

    9mm version of IMKAS suppressors

    They key engineers of the company have a number of published articles with in-depth analysis of the history and technology of silencers. In one of these articles, they explain the theory behind this floating baffle technology. So the advantage of this system is that the expanding gasses spend some of their energy on moving the baffles and compressing the springs. By doing a mechanical work, gasses cool down and come to rest quicker thus allowing better sound suppression at a given internal volume of the suppressor.

    .22LR IMKAS suppressor

    IMKAS admits that there already was a similar suppressor called MAE Kilwell Whisper designed by a company located in New Zealand. So IMKAS suppressors are further development of this concept with a lot of scientific research and tests put into it.

    MAE Kilwell Whisper (New Zealand)

    What looks great in theory, sometimes fails in practice. That was the case during the initial development stages of these suppressors, too. While .22LR models worked fine, the 9mm versions had some problems. The first models showed an extensive wear of the baffles and springs. From the images below, one of the baffles looks to have suffered from a baffle strike. So based on these experiments, IMKAS reworked the design. The final versions have baffles and springs made of materials better suiting the task: with more wear resistance and capability to operate in high pressure and high temperature environments.

    Damaged baffles and springs from first tests of 9mm models

    The company also states that this technology needs more refinement and testing. Particularly, they need to measure the actual advantage compared to similar suppressors with traditional baffle systems.

    I think this system also somewhat self-adjust the volume of each chamber, which may possibly aid the suppression too.

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