Cimarron’s Bad Boy

    Cimarron Bad Boy

    At the SHOT Show, Cimarron Firearms Company was showing a new revolver called the Bad Boy. This single action wheel gun is called a “modern classic design” by the company. The one I looked at had a nice finish and felt good in the hand. But, what is this modern classic design revolver?

    According to the company, the Bad Boy handgun is intended to bridge the gap between the Old West and the New West. It uses a pre-war frame and Army style grip with an octagonal barrel. It also has adjustable target sights and a flat top. Chambered in .44 Magnum, the gun can be purchased with either a 6″ barrel or an 8″ barrel. The company states the guns are very accurate and are good for pretty much anything from punching holes in targets to hunting to bear protection.

    The metal has a standard blue finish. Grips are two piece and made of walnut. The company advised the suggested retail price will be $570.70. However, checking its website, I see the 8″ gun is listed at $697.70.

    Cimarron also had the El Malo on display at the show. The El Malo was announced in late 2016, and it is another single action revolver with a great look. That one is available in both .357 Magnum and .45 Colt.

    Richard Johnson

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