Hogue’s New Polymer 15˚ Pistol Grip for AR Platform

    Hogue pistol grip

    Calling it the “newest tactical advantage” for shooters using an AR style gun, Hogue Inc. announced it was now offering new pistol grips that are made of a lightweight polymer and have a 15˚ angle.

    According to Hogue, the 15˚ angle offers a natural grasp of the rifle which should increase comfort when shooting the rifle for a long period of time. Hogue also states that the grip angle is better for CQB as it allows soldiers to hold the rifle more comfortably when in a stack.

    Hogue Grip

    People familiar with Hogue’s grips will likely recognize the company’s typical pebble texture. The grip is hollow making it fairly light: only 1.5 ounces. Hogue recessed the sides of the grip in the area where the trigger finger would be. This should allow for slightly better finger positioning for stubby-fingered folk. There is internal clearance for a receiver tensioning screw. Also, there are no finger grooves.

    The new grip is available in black, olive drab green and flat dark earth. All versions have a suggested retail price of $19.95. Last year, Hogue introduced a line of 15˚ grips made of G10. Those were a bit fancier and have price tags that run well north of $100.

    Other companies have explored different grip angles for the A%-15/M-4 platform. For example, Magpul offers the MOE-K2 and MOE-K2+. Both of these offer a “more vertical” grip angle. The -K2+ even has a wrap around rubber overmolding and is available in a variety of colors. It will be interesting to see whether the Hogue grip catches on.

    Richard Johnson

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