Its About Time – Binocular Spotting Scope from Swarovksi

    With 10x binoculars able to take care of most spotting work at the 100 yard line, I constantly found myself questioning why higher magnification spotting scopes have not kept the two-eyes open option. While yes, I understand that under previous thought it may have taken two separate and well-aligned tubes to get an excellent image, along has come Swarovski to shatter the paradigm.

    Swarovski has announced their latest spotting scope, the BTX Binocular Spotting Scope that indeed solves my particular complaint – yet raises a new one (more on that later). The BTX still uses a single tube, but through the clever use of mirrors and lenses is able to create binocular style viewing piece. Swarovski that the by using two eyes, hunters have a larger field of vision and better detail with subsequently less strain and fatigue.

    Just in case one does get fatigued, the new BTX includes an headrest and aiming aid above the right eyepiece (a nifty feature that I contend should be replicated on all spotting scopes). The BTX is available with either 30x or 35x fixed magnification and is compatible with all the various ATX/STX modules and accessories.

    With the base ATX 25-60x option clocking in at a whopping $3,775 retail, my new complaint pops up – pricing. I am confident the BTX will not be anywhere near “reasonable” for those of us working folks.


    (B&H have the BTX eyepiece available for $2,689 – that is just the eyepiece).

    Nathan S

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