P320 Blows Up But Keeps On Working

    A friend shared this with me. Upon his request he wishes to remain anonymous. He witnessed a catastrophic malfunction with someone’s Sig P320 Tacops.

    It was a box stock SIG P320 Tac Ops. The ammo was reloaded and was believed to be a double charge because of the amount of brass flow

    Now the ammo in question was reloaded on a Dillon 1050 and the reloader says he is diligent in his reloading processes. Murphy finds a way apparently.

    The amazing thing is that the shooter was not seriously hurt but also they swapped the internals into another grip module and the gun continued to work.

    I took a set of Digital calipers measure the barrel chamber the fire control unit which by the way was completely unharmed put a different group. Had to replace the extractor and all other components in the slide just to be on the safe side and ran about 35 rounds through it

    Damage to the gun was obviously the Plastic Grip Panel, the extractor was sent into orbit. the shooter had one piece of brass in the top of his strong finger ( from ejection port, and something cut his upper lip) ( he WAS wearing eye protection) the magazine was not harmed. The gun was detail stripped and the Extractor, and all parts in the slide were replaced as a precaution. The Fire control unit was inspected and cleaned then placed in a new grip module.

    Accuracy has been tested as well and not affected.

    Pretty amazing that the gun still works! Is this a testament to Sig Sauer build quality? Or a one in a million chance that everything went well as much as possible?

    And in case you might think this is an isolated issue, I have different source, who also wishes to remain anonymous, also experienced something similar.

    My daughter had a factory double charge go off in her p320. Besides scaring the hell out of her she was fine. She actually finished the match with that gun.
    I put a new extractor in, changed the grip, fired 200 rounds real quick to function check.
    She is still shooting the same gun to this day. Only thing that was changed was the frame & extractor. This was 7months & about 10,000 rounds later. With same fcu, striker, slide, extractor spring.
    Below are photos of the casing.
    That’s right, the P320 exploded, the father had spare parts on hand and they rebuilt the pistol during the match. Test fired 200 rounds just to be sure and the daughter finished the match. That is rather impressive.
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