Buzzfeed Trained To Shoot Guns Like John Wick

    Buzzfeed sent two people to Taran Tactical to train just like Keanu Reeves did for John Wick 2.

    Here is the viral video of Keanu whipping thru the course of fire.


    They were trained by Taran Butler and had the goal of beating Keanu Revves’ time of 19.21 seconds. That is a tall challenge. Re-watching Keanu’s video above. I can see some moments where a professional shooter could be more efficient and beat Keanu. However to have two non-shooting newbies train and shoot the course in just one day? Impossible. I am not sure how long Keanu Reeves had trained up to the point where that video was filmed but I’m pretty sure it was not in the course of a single day.

    If you watch the Buzzfeed video, Josh lost a bit of time because he forgot to switch off his safety. Well if you go back and watch Keanu, he sort of did the same thing. Watch him at 00:15 into the Keanu video. When he picks up the shotgun, there is a moment wasted trying to get the safety off. When you watch 3Gunners do it, everything is efficient and smooth as possible. Bringing the gun up and switching the safety off is all done in one fluid motion. Keanu could have also shaved off a second or so when he unholsters and reholsters his pistol when he transitions.

    I am curious to see what Taran Butler could do this course of fire in. Or perhaps Lena or Jerry Miculek.

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