Ruger GP100 .44 Special : Elmer Keith Would Have Loved It

    The Ruger GP100 .44 Special comes at a rather opportune time since the .44 Special turns 100 this year. In this episode of TFB TV, Patrick takes a revolver to the range that would have pleased Elmer Keith or any.44 special devotee. The GP100 is a tried and true design that has been around since 1985 and has been chambered in .357 Mag, .38 Spl, 327 Federal Mag, .22lr and now .44 Special.

    Why .44 Special? With the rise of cowboy action shooting and many outdoorsmen realizing that a .44 Magnum can be a bit overpowered for many situations while hunting or exploring the woods. On the flip side, the .44 Special is just about perfect being easy to reload for as well as having fine accuracy.

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