POTD: Ultimate USFA Zip

    Inspired by my friend Paul Kim (PK) I constructed this technological terror. Because it is so stupid and silly I am proud of it.

    Back when PK was Senior VP of SureFire, he posed for a photo.

    Ignore the photoshopped elements like the lamp and swiss army knife. And you can see how much stuff was added to this AR.

    After I had Keith Biddle machine a custom threaded barrel shroud for my USFA Zip, I added my Osprey45. Then I swapped the sight plate for the Picatinny rail plate and added my Torrey Pines thermal sight and SureFire Millennium Weaponlight.

    The USFA Zip has a small rail in front of the trigger guard so I was able to fit a CAA rail mounted bipod. Since the CAA bipod has its own picatinny rail, I added my green/IR laser and mounted the SureFire Hellfighter to it.

    Surprisingly the CAA bipod legs actually touch the ground when fully extended.