Overwatch Precision Releases The BRZ Trigger For The Springfield XD-S

    Aftermarket triggers like the Overwatch Precision D.A.T.V2 that I am currently reviewing have one of the highest cost to benefit ratios out of every possible gun upgrade (aside from more ammo). Depending on what gun you currently are modding you might be out of luck when looking for a trigger. Now those of you who own a Springfield Armory XD-S can choose the new BRZ trigger from Overwatch Precision if that is an upgrade you are eyeing.

    With an MSRP of $99.99, the new BRZ trigger from Overwatch is expected to start shipping March 15th. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, the trigger will likely take just about any abuse that you dish out. They also sculpted a slightly hybrid trigger bow that incorporates characteristics of both flat and curved triggers in one unit to allow what they are calling a “self-correcting” straight rearward press with noticeable comfort.

    Overwatch Precision does note that you should install this trigger with the Powder River Precision Trigger spring and sear kit for the XD-S.

    You can learn more about the trigger over at the Overwatch Precision website and find the spring kit at the Powder River Precision website.