New Strike Industries Extended AR-15 Bolt Catch

    Strike Industries has released a new extended AR-15 bolt catch. It is a drop in accessory and fits any mil-spec AR-15 rifle. The advantage of this bolt catch is the enlarged actual bolt release paddle (a.k.a “ping pong paddle”). It is shorter than the original AR-15 paddle, but it’s much wider. Also, the lower portion which allows to manually catch the bolt is enlarged too and has the same kind of serrations. It looks pretty minimalistic but I think Strike industries not just made the bolt catch bigger, but enlarged it in the areas where it needs to be to provide faster and easier manipulation of this control.

    Although this accessory is made by casting, Strike Industries points that it is not done by MIM (metal injection molding) process. I assume by that statement they try to say that this product has better mechanical properties than the MIM parts. As you know, MIM parts have not the best reputation in the industry. The SI-XCB is also hardened to military specifications.

    The Strike Industries Extended Bolt Catch comes with its roll pin and has an MSRP of $14.95.

    Before releasing the XBC, Strike Industries already had an AR-15 bolt catch product called Enhanced Bolt Catch. I think the new one is definitely an improvement over the older one and it costs only a dollar more.

    Hrachya H

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