POTD: Volquartsen Scorpion

    Firepower United aka Phuc Long posted this photo of a Volquartsen tactical .22LR pistol. Volquartsen is well known for making high end versions of Ruger’s popular 10/22 and MKIII/IV pistols. The Scorpion is one of their pistols base do off of the Ruger MKIII.

    there are not many .22lr pistols that come with a top and bottom picatinny rail for lights and optics. On top of that the barrel isn’t threaded for suppressors. Typically you only get two of the three options. Pistols like the Sig Scorpion, M&P 22 have rails for lights and can have a threaded barrel but they ┬ádon’t have an optic rail. Ruger MKIII/IV pistols have threaded barrels and optic rails but no accessory rail for lights. However Ruger has added some new pistols to their MKIV line. One of which is a tactical model with all three features mentioned above.