Improvised sub-machine gun from Brazil

    If you’re into illegal production of firearms you take what you have, and a bolt is a bolt – literally – on this sub-machine gun from Brazil.

    It looks like it’s been made completely out or recycled materials (at least something positive) and the magazine actually looks fixed.

    Yes, I noticed the extra long magazine but I am unsure if it actually fits into the magazine well?

    The caliber looks like 9×19 mm and it comes with four FMJs and one Hollow Point.


    One of many gifts made by Brazilian Santa Claus and his armorer elves. Specifically designed to be made by 10 year old orphans who lack various limbs and whose minds are permanently clouded by various controlled substances.


    The Brazilian design resembles a little bit to the “Rattlare” (“Rattle” – Swedish slang for an illegal sub-machine gun) that were found by the Swedish Police around 3-4 years ago. Those looked a little bit more sophisticated and had magazines.

    Source: Homemade guns Online

    Crudely improvised 9mm submachine gun from Brazil

    Eric B

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